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Non-factorizing terms, in the naive factorization model, that can be calculated avis wsc biolo minceur QCD factorizing models have a large impact on the branching fraction of these decay modes. The predictions of the branching fractions are of the order of 10 The measurement of the branching fraction gives more insight into the theoretical models.

In general a better understanding of QCD models will be necessary to conduct weak interaction physics at the next level.

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The presence of CP violation in electroweak interactions allows the differentiation between matter and antimatter in avis wsc biolo minceur laws of physics. Relations amongst the CKM matrix elements are used to present the two relevant parameters as the apex of a triangle Unitarity Triangle in a complex plane.

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The over-constraining of the CKM triangle by experimental measurements is an important test of the Standard Model. To control the discretization errors, mQa is required to be much less than 1, where mQ is the quark mass and a is the lattice spacing.

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For currently accessible lattice spacings, the charm quark mass doesn't satisfy this requirement. One approach to simulate heavy quarks on the lattice is non-relativestic QCD, which treats heavy quark as a static source and expand the lattice quark action in powers of 1mQa.

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Unfortunately, the charm quark is not heavy enough to justify this expansion. Relativistic heavy-quark action, which incorporates both small mass and large mass formulations, is better suited to study the charm quark sector.

The discretization errors can be reduced systematically following Symanzik improvement.

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In this work, we use the relativistic heavy quark action to study the charmed hadron spectrum and interactions in full lattice QCD. For the light quarks we use domain-wall fermions in the valence sector and improved Kogut-Susskind sea quarks. The parameters in the heavy quark action are tuned to reduce lattice artifacts and match the charm quark mass and the action is tested by calculating the low-lying charmonium spectrum.

For the singly charmed baryons, our results are in good agreement with experiment within our systematics.

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