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Gavarri, J. The main objective of this thesis is to make a contribution to the spectroscopic study of low pressure glow discharges in the vacuum ultraviolet and to reveal the effect of this radiation on polymeric materials.

This research considers the following important aspects relevant to low pressure glow discharges: i characterization of vacuum ultraviolet VUV emission of several plasmas in the wavelength range available eco slim iasi crystalline fluoride windows, ii eco slim iasi of the emission dependence on several external parameters, and iii study of the VUV effect, in the accessible range, on polymeric materials of interest with respect to plasma treatments. The plasmas investigated, namely, hydrogen, oxygen and their mixtures with argon, were chosen by taking into consideration the composition of the gases used in technological plasmas, and the conditions needed for polymeric material irradiation.

For the chosen plasmas, we measured the variation of the intensity of the atomic lines for different gas pressures and absorbed power levels.

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In the case of pure gas plasmas, the pressure dependence of the atomic line intensities was attributed to changes in the electron energy distribution function EEDF. The argon emission spectra are very sensitive to the presence of impurities.

The mixture plasmas we have studied Ar-H2 and Ar-O2 show a strong emission of atomic fines in the VUV region, stronger than those resulting from the pure molecular gases.

eco slim iasi

The above mixtures show promise as photon sources for the treatment of polymer surfaces. An important external parameter for the characterization of glow discharges is the excitation frequency. The goal of the specific experiments was to directly investigate the frequency-dependence effect. In the case of pure hydrogen, we observed a change from a non-stationary to a stationary electron energy distribution function.

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For the Ar-H2 mixture, we have shown that the EEDF is stationary and that the dissociation rate for hydrogen molecules does not depend on frequency. A difference between the excitation mechanisms of different atomic lines was proven. Among the most sensitive materials with respect eco slim iasi plasma generated UV radiation are polymers. We have optimized the gaseous composition for various types of VUV radiation fluxes for the photochemical treatments of polymers.

We have developed a system containing a thermo-stabilized quartz crystal microbalance QCM and chambers for sample irradiation and gas absorption measurements.

eco slim iasi

In this way we have separately measured the effects of both the active oxygen species AO and the VUV, as well as their synergistic actions. Abstract shortened by UMI. This tool is based on an argumentative framework that reflects the stakeholder's values systems involved in these projects and it employs two multicriteria methods: the multicriteria decision aide and the participatory geographical information systems, making it possible to represent this value systems by criteria and indicators to be evaluated.

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The stakeholder's values systems will allow the inclusion of environmental, economic and social-cultural aspects of wind energy projects and, thus, a sustainable development wind projects vision. This vision will be analyzed using the 16 sustainable principles included in the Quebec's Sustainable Development Act. Four specific objectives have been instrumented to favor a logical completion work, and to ensure the development of a successfultool : designing a methodology to couple the MCDA and participatory GIS, testing the developed methodology by a case study, making a robustness analysis to address strategic issues and analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads of the developed methodology.

The TIMED approach is visually represented by a figure expressing the idea of eco slim iasi co-construction decision and where ail stakeholders are the focus of this methodology.

eco slim iasi

The integration of these four modules allows for the analysis of different implementation scenarios of wind turbines in order to choose the best one based on a participatory and transparent decision-making process that takes into account stakeholders' concerns.

The second objective enabled the testing of TIMED in an ex-post experience of a wind farm in operation since In this test, II people participated representing four stakeholder' categories: the private sector, the public sector, experts and civil society. This test allowed us to analyze the current situation in which wind projects are currently developed in Quebec. The concerns of some stakeholders regarding situations that are not considered in the current context were explored through a third goal.

This third objective allowed us to make simulations taking into account the assumptions of strategic levels. Examples of the strategic level are the communication tools used to approach eco slim iasi host community and the park property type.

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Finally, the fourth objective, a SWOT analysis with the participation of eight experts, allowed us to eco slim iasi the extent to which TIMED approach succeeded in constructing four fields for participatory decision-making: physical, intellectual, emotional and procedural. From these facts, strengths, 28 weaknesses, 32 constraints and 54 opportunities were identified.

Contributions, applications, limitations and extensions of this research are based on giving a participatory decision-making methodology taking into account socio-cultural, environmental and economic variables; making reflection sessions on a wind farm in operation; acquiring MCDA knowledge for participants involved in testing the proposed methodology; taking into account the physical, intellectual, emotional and procedural spaces to al1iculate a participatory decision; using the proposed methodology in renewable energy sources other than wind; the need to an interdisciplinary team for the methodology application; access to quality data; access to information technologies; the right to public participation; the neutrality of experts; the relationships between experts and non-experts; cultural constraints; improvement of designed indicators; the implementation of a Web platform for participatory decision-making and writing a manual on the use of the developed methodology.

Keywords: wind farm, multicriteria decision, geographic eco slim iasi systems, TIMED approach, sustainable wind eco slim iasi projects development, renewable energy, social participation, robustness concern, SWOT analysis.

The challenge of food safety is evidenced by the number of food poisoning in Canada and worldwide.

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An outbreak eco slim iasi listeriosis inhaving put the safety of Canadians at risk, has motivated the revision of the strategy for food safety in Canada. In this context, a collaboration between two major industrial players in Quebec and École Polytechnique de Montréal was initiated. This collaboration is supported by the creation of the Research Chair for safe, smart and sustainable food.

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One of the many forefront projects of this research chair is to develop a package having a bactericidal effect. Many compounds are currently available for incorporation into a finished product.

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However, the incorporation of a bactericidal agent in a product having a direct contact with food must meet certain safety criteria. Thus, an overview of various antibacterial agents is made in terms of their effectiveness and their potential use in packaging a food product.

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To date, no technology allows easy perte de poids enzymatique q10 of an antibacterial agent in a polymer matrix. Antibacterial constituents of the mixture with the polymer melt will provide the simplicity pursued.

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We chose nano zinc oxide as the main antibacterial agent for its mode of action, its great potential for sustainability and its ability not to migrate out of the polyethylene polymer matrix. Moreover, the effect of trace element at very low concentrations is validated.


To increase efficiency, good dispersion is achieved by adding a polyethylene with maleic anhydride grafted groups. The increase in antibacterial properties by this change has been proven.

Although these films exhibit a marked bactericidal effect, a lack of persistence of the antibacterial effect was noticed. This is probably due to a rearrangement of the molecular structure on the surface. This rearrangement, due to the polar nature of particles, inhibits the antibacterial eco slim iasi of the particles, causing them to migrate to a critical distance, outside their scope.

Furthermore, we evaluated briefly some other antibacterial agents.