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But the business struck the President in a different light. He looked forward to the possible explosion of the plot by other means and to the blame that might eventually fall on him for throwing a veil over a project calculated to favour a nation towards whom his enemies already accuse him of entertaining a culpable partiality.

And the administration no doubt thought that the disgrace of a man who had been vehemently opposed to the measures of the Government would have some effect in humbling and weakening the democratick party in general. The Secretary of State gave me an opportunity by the enclosed perte de poids cherokee nation 37 of exculpating myself and the British government of any degree of blame in this business.

The Author's Notes:

The violent partisans of the democratick faction, who have since my arrival at Philadelphia observed with regret my anxious endeavour to promote a good understanding between Great Britain and America, and the degree of success with which they have been attended, were eager, on the first indistinct report which was spread respecting this business, to asperse my character, and Calumniate my intentions with regard to this Country and they shewed an inclination to carry their enmity to all possible lengths on the occasion.

At all events it is evident that the idea must now be wholly renounced unless the United States should come to a breach with the Court of Spain of which indeed there seems to be some degree of probability. Yrujo the Spanish Minister in this Country which is highly disagreeable and may become dangerous to us.

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He has already produced in the most formal way a pretended plan for an expedition from Canada which never had existence. Outline of Chisholm's Plan The General Outlines of the Plan referred to in my Declaration of the Twenty ninth day of November one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, were as follows.

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Mitchell and Craig with their Associates were to descend the Ohio in the character of Traders. We made no arrangement concerning East Florida, conceiving that it would fall of course after we had obtained Possession of West Florida.

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Chisholm, — at House and in the presence of Major David Lenox, on the Fifth day of December one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven. Did you communicate your plan to Blount before or after communicating it to Liston; if before was Blount privy to your communication of it to Liston?

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Was Blount present at any Conference between you and Liston? No, he never was present at any such Conference; it was not my practice on any occasion to converse concerning my Plan with two Persons at perte de poids cherokee nation same time — No person was ever present at any Conference between me and Liston.

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In what manner did Liston receive your Plan? He objected to it on two grounds; one that it proposed the Employment of the Indians, and the other that it might affect the neutrality of the United States. Did you inform Liston that Blount was privy to or engaged in the Plan?

What part did you suppose the Government of the United States would take in case your plan was attempted?

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Had you any expectation of support from any other person besides Blount in the Government of the United States? Do you know whether Blount communicated the Plan to any person except Romaine?

My conversations with Blount were always private, and without witnesses; but he one day sent his little Son to ask me to come to his House in the Evening. Had you any expectation of assistance from any Officer in the American Army?

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Did Orr, named in the Declaration, know that Blount was engaged in the plan? He might have known perte de poids cherokee nation from Blount, but he did not from me.

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Did you communicate the Plan to the Indians sent from the several Tribes to meet you at Philadelphia, and if so did they engage to ceinture minceur sous-vêtements you? Did Liston know that Brandt and his Canada Associates were consulted, and that they had engaged?

They had not arrived. By a man whose name was Cozins or Cummins who knew nothing of my Plan nor of the Contents of my Letters, but who being bound to Canada engaged to forward my Letters from Albany. Had Blount any knowledge of your intention to come to England?

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Did you ever see or converse with Romayne?