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    Vous êtes sur la page 1sur 3 Rechercher à l'intérieur du document Linnea Bookshelf The Linnea Bookshelf is a lightweight, elegant shelving system which takes inspiration from traditional joinery.

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    With clever joints and compression fittings, the bookshelf is strong without the need for unsightly nuts and bolts. Each shelf measures Wmm, Hmm, Dmm, so theres plenty storage room for files, books, and general studio clutter.

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    The open shelving and slim profile of Linnea make it perfect for displaying treasured ornaments, awards, and pictures. Each horizontal shelf extends slightly beyond the vertical supports, providing a small perch onto which lights or even plants can be hung.

    Linnea is large with ample storage room but is deceptively lightweight. Made from 12mm thick high-quality Birch Plywood, the Bookshelf can be assembled and moved with ease.

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    Coming from managed forestry its good to know your desk was sustainably grown. Lets others use and build on your design non-commercially, as long as they credit you.

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    Sam is the co-founder of 57st. Sams work, along with his co-founder Pia Narula, reportagem sobre body slim rapide simplicity of form and a considered approach to material, construction and manufacturing. Pia spent time in India, Bahrain and England when she was growing up, before graduating from the University of Chicago. She is the co-founder of 57st.

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    Pias work, along with her co-founder Sam Devenport, emphasises simplicity of form and a considered approach to material, construction and manufacturing. Pia believes that good design is ethical- both socially and economically sustainable.

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