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Former Michigan Gov. Granholm, 62, served two terms as governor in a state dominated by the auto industry and devastated by the recession. She has promoted emerging clean energy technologies, such as electric vehicles and battery manufacturing, as an answer for jobs that will be lost as the U.

Granholm, who was sworn in late Thursday, is just the second woman to serve as energy secretary.

During her confirmation hearing last month, Granholm pushed her plans to embrace new wind and solar technologies. But her position caused tension with some Republicans who fear for the future of fossil fuels. So I cannot in good conscience vote to approve his nominee for secretary of energy.

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The moratorium could cost tens of thousands of jobs unless rescinded, Barrasso said. Gulf Coast, saying thousands of jobs will be lost and a friendly source of oil left idle.

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Granholm assured lawmakers that creating jobs was her top priority — and Biden's. In West Virginia, and in other fossil fuel states, there is an opportunity for us to specialize in the technologies that reduce carbon emissions, to make those technologies here, to put people to work here, and Earth Bar Slim Down examen look at other ways to Earth Bar Slim Down examen she said at her Jan. During her introduction as Biden's nominee, Granholm described arriving in the U.

Vivek Murthy said Americans Earth Bar Slim Down examen not lose track of opioid Earth Bar Slim Down examen and other health emergencies amid the intense national focus on overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. Murthy told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that the overdose rescue drug naloxone should be even more widely available and that medication-assisted treatment must be expanded.

Murthy, who was surgeon general in the Obama administration, has drawn opposition from gun rights groups because of his assessment that gun violence is a public health problem.

Sip These Teas to Soothe Your Stomach, Lose Weight, and Get Clear Skin

But he tried to dispel notions that he would launch a crusade against guns. He told Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind. Katherine Tai told the Senate Finance Committee that rebuilding international alliances would be a priority, as well as "reengaging with international institutions?

Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley told reporters he won't support her nomination. He and Alaska Republican Sen. 3x application de perte de poids has yet to say how she'd vote.

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Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. Joe Manchin announced his opposition last week.

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Matthew Daly, The Associated Press 20 hours ago Taber teacher removed from classroom after accusations of inappropriate behaviour Google Maps - Earth Bar Slim Down examen credit A Taber teacher has been removed from any student involvement following an online petition citing allegations of inappropriate behaviour with underage students. A student from the town's W.

Myers High School is championing the petition, which calls for the teacher to be fired for alleged wrongdoing. More than people, including former and current students and family members, have signed the petition since it was launched two days brûleur de graisse alpha 5. In a statement from the Horizon School Division, which is in charge of W.

Myers, the school board said it cannot address specifics of the situation, but it is aware of the petition and the allegations are being investigated. Tymensen said the school division's actions are guided by its commitment to student safety, its responsibility under the Education Act, respect for the legal process and the privacy of all individuals.

These lower provisions have fed into a growing pot of profits for the banks, which were buoyed by businesses like wealth management and mortgages that were shielded from the pandemic, while banks minimized loan exposure to sectors vulnerable to COVID A Earth Bar Slim Down examen by National Bank on Wednesday said that only about 3.

Cronin gave the example of a restaurant that used takeout, delivery, cost-cutting, government support and cash reserves to break even on sales. CIBC said Thursday that nearly two thirds of its outstanding loans are to consumers, the majority of which are mortgages. The banks have not emerged completely unscathed from the pandemic. Several chief risk officers at banks this week raised concerns about the pace of vaccine rollout in Canada amid the spread of new variants, and the impact on the economy.

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Shawn Beber, the CIBC's chief risk officer, said on Thursday that while CIBC has seen lower insolvencies over the past two quarters amid government supports and bank relief programs, there has been a slight uptick from fourth-quarter lows. The bank is expecting some clients who had deferred credit card and personal loan payments last year may become delinquent and lead to some losses in the second quarter, Beber said. Maas Bloomsbury 2. Jance William Morrow 9.

Lockhart Ember Robb St. Born Little, Brown Schwab Tor The matter was adjourned until March 10 for a bail hearing. If Hill is granted bail at his upcoming hearing in Alberta, he will first have to finish his custodial sentence from a Saskatchewan court. On Feb. Hill has been in custody since he was arrested in Alberta on Jan. The suspects fled in a black SUV, which police located about an hour later near Edmonton.

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The officer was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries. She was released on an undertaking and is scheduled to make her first court appearance in Sherwood Park Provincial Court on March Alberta RCMP say they will release her name after she makes her first court appearance.

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Sherwood Park is part of Strathcona County and part of the greater Edmonton region. Onion Lake Cree Nation is about 50 kilometres north of Lloydminster and borders the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Those delays are threatening to create gaps as the navy and coast guard vessels those ships are supposed to replace are near retirement, or in some cases have already reached that stage.

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Hogan's report says the government has mitigated some of the short-term effects but Canada is already feeling the pinch as ships retire or are forced into extended maintenance. Both reports are likely to raise fresh questions about the shipbuilding plan, which was launched in earnest in October when Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax and Seaspan Marine in Vancouver were selected to build dozens of navy and coast guard vessels.

The government is now working to add a third shipyard to the program, Chantier Davie in Quebec City, to build a series of icebreakers.

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Then there were delays in production. That included several amendments to the contract with Seaspan Marine for three fisheries-science vessels for the coast guard, which saw the delivery schedule pushed back by two to three years. The auditor general did suggest departments have started to learn from some of their earlier mistakes and expressed a cautious hope those lessons would ease some of the problems.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. Because the monarchs cluster so densely in pine and fir trees, it is easier to count them by area rather than by individuals. Illegal logging in the monarchs wintering rounds rose to almost In addition, wind storms, drought and the felling of trees that had fallen victim to pine beetles or disease, caused the loss of another 6. That compares to an overall loss of about 5 hectares Tavera said the drought was affecting the butterflies themselves, as well as the pine and fir trees where the clump Earth Bar Slim Down examen for warmth.

Tavera also expressed concern about the sever winter storms in Texas, which the butterflies will have to cross — and feed and lay their eggs — on their way back to their northern summer homes in coming months. It was also a bad year for the mountain farming communities that depend for part of their income on tourists who visit the reserves. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, visits fell from aroundlast year, to just 80, in the season. It was unclear whether the drop in tourism income contributed to the increased logging.

Rickards said there has long been pressure on the area's forests from people who want to open land for planting crops.

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Felipe Martínez Meza, director of the butterfly reserve, said there have been attempts to plant orchards of avocados — hugely profitable crop for farmers in the area — in the buffer zones around the reserve. The high mountain peaks where the butterflies clump in trees are probably a bit above the altitude where avocado trees like to grow, Martinez Meza said. But the buffer zones Earth Bar Slim Down examen protection and support for the higher areas, and he said more must be done to combat the change in land use.

OpendTect Webinar: Seismic Classification: a Thalweg Tracker / Machine Learning Approach

Frequently, illegal logging is carried out by outsiders or organized gangs, and Earth Bar Slim Down examen by the farm communities that technically own the land. Millions of monarchs migrate from the U. The butterflies hit a low of just 0. While there was plenty of bad news for the butterflies — very few showed up to some historic wintering sites like Sierra Chincua — there was the welcome news that a new wintering site was discovered nearby, in a mountaintop near the Lagunas Earth Bar Slim Down examen Zempoala protected area, near Mexico City.

Tavera said the wintering site had always been there, but Earth Bar Slim Down examen so difficult to reach that it wasn't discovered until earlier this month. Elections commissioner Yves Côté says Robert Gibbs, co-owner of Romar Communications, provided free website development services to Julian's campaign.

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Gibbs told Julian's campaign that the work was done by volunteers, after work hours. Côté announced the payment as part of herbes perte de graisse compliance agreement with Gibbs. Compliance agreements are commonly used by the elections commissioner to deal with relatively minor violations of the Canada Elections Act.

They do not constitute a criminal conviction in a court of law and do not create a criminal record for the offender. The Canadian Press 23 hours ago.