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Nicoleta Ifrim Redactori : Lect. Carmen Andrei, Lect. Gina Necula, Lect.

Nicoleta Ifrim, Lect. Ifrim Nicoleta, Lect.

eco slim a luat cineva

Gina Necula Difuzare: Lect. Silviu Angelescu, Prof. Mircea A. Diaconu, Prof.

Coordonator de volum: Lect. Nicoleta Ifrim Membri: Prof. Nicolae Ioana Prof. Simona Antofi Lect. Gina Necula Lect.

Ionel Apostolatu Lect. Mihaela Cârnu Asist.

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Vasile Voiculescu s Religious Poetry Modelul Orhan Pamuk sau despre accesibilizarea Nobelului Le dilemme du personnage dans les romans de Norman Manea Making his debut with lyrical works which were marked by the metaphoric the booklet Brownian Motion,he counts on postmodernist techniques, especially on textualizing ones in The Personage from the Poem and The Unnamed The poems included in these two volumes denote, first of all, the scriptural experience of the author he becomes an actant, an immanent instance of the text.

The textualistic implications in the poetry of Nicolae Leahu constitute the proof of the connection of this creation to the concepts of modern lyrics. E o carte în care sunt relevabile anticipat liniile evolutive ale poeticii lui Nicolae Leahu, cel din Personajul din poezie sau chiar din Nenumitul.

eco slim a luat cineva

Îmblînzitorii de amurg, I. Note 1. Vasile Voiculescu s Religious Poetry Lect. La Trinité chrétienne est le mystère d un seul Dieu en trois hypostases ou personnes égales et participant à une même substance. Les Trois Personnes se compénètrent mutuellement, la périchorèse nous relève l interpénétration des Personnes divines les unes dans les autres dans l unité de l Amour parfait.

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Mots clés : sensibilité religieuse, christianisme, Vasile Voiculescu Literature can hardly ignore the religious dimension of human beings. A religious person is he who meilleurs suppléments de perte de graisse corporelle himself to deity and to his neighbors under the form of love.

Vasile Voiculescu was a person who lived in the horizon of charity Deus caritas esta poet of great religious sensitivity who highlighted in eco slim a luat cineva work, although not very rich but impressive and profound, the relationship between poetry and the Christian dogma, between literary creation and theology.

A traditionalist 1 and representative of thoughtful orthodoxy, as some of his critics characterize him, Vasile Voiculescu, is, perhaps, the poet with the most obvious religious inclination in the Romanian literature between the two World Wars 2.

Thus, while Al. Dima includes Voiculescu among the seniors of contemporary poetry, Vladimir Streinu sees him in the group of the traditionalists of World War I, who kept upright things in our lyricism.

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Making reference to the religious thread in Voiculescu s works, Vladimir Streinu claims that Voiculescu and Arghezi are the great poets of the Romanian religious inspiration. Creator of thoughtfulism, Nichifor Crainic, in turn, claims that Voiculescu s poetry would be a materialization of the ineffable able to be better than the poems of Juan de la Cruz, and the poet integrates himself right in the orthodox faith so as Paul Claudel integrates himself in Catholicism through his liturgical hymns and odes.

The poet s religiousness, T. Vianu writes, is not made of a calm and happy reconciliation of man with God. It is rather the echo of a fight with himself, of a state of spirit which, starting from the feeling of an insight tragic desert, aspires to come back to God. Dinu Pillat confesses that he discovered in the writer the man seemingly descending from the depth and from afar, inside whom the eco slim a luat cineva of old extraction has never fully urbanized himself, the man with the basic features of a mystic, but paradoxically doubled by a casuist with a rational critical spirit, the man who would live the life of a saint and who would understand all vanity of life 4.

The poet mostly lived in isolation, valuing austerity, constantly investigating his own self, concerned with what is insight and secretive; Voiculescu s poetry is a special kind of poetry focused on the value of human insight character.

The mystic is indeed a first rank coordinate of the human insight.

eco slim a luat cineva

The poet of restless reflexivity, Vasile Voiculescu reveals through his entire literary creation the image of a man trying to spiritually rally himself to God.

The Bible was the food that had nourished his literary eco slim a luat cineva since its early manifestations. It is natural for things to be like that as long as the poet was given a sound religious education in his childhood.

Minceur Clarinol

The writer eco slim a luat cineva confesses: Out of all my readings, it was the Bible which impressed me mostly, with its rough grandeur of half earthly and half divine drama I 13 14 knew the Old Testament form cover to cover like an epos, so that the idyllic Gospel, in my case, stood hidden by shadows till rather late 5.

In fact, very many of Vasile Voiculescu s poems have biblical episodes as their starting point, relieving the human beings aspiration to accomplish themselves through their genuine meeting God, to purify themselves by walking on the way of delivering sufferance to the end of it. His medical education and his philosophical readings, instead of estranging him from his religious faith, brought him closer: the writer was convinced that it is faith which must underlie every normal man s eco slim a luat cineva 6.

Hihihi, cu sotul meu am o adevarata victorie, e prima data cand am reusit sa-l conving sa tina cu mine o cura de slabire! Ioana neverificat.

Religious topics extensively populate Voiculescu s poetry. And so do his biblical evocations.

CIL 4 (16) - 2011 Nr. integral

The poet speaks about shepherds and magi, about the paradise lost, he sends his readers to the merciful and miracle-making icon, and he frequently mentions the presence of angels. Actually, angels populate Voiculescu s poetry without limitations.

eco slim a luat cineva

They practically frame everything pertaining the festive moments of Christmas and Easter, of pray, of confession by the chosen and confessors of the Gospel, of the Advent, of Adam s fall, of Death on the Cross, of resurrection, salvation and the Final Judgment. The Divinity to whom Voiculescu s poetry is directed and towards whom it also directs us, its receptors, is a Trinitarian divinity.

Although the divine trinity is inaccessible to human understanding, the poet makes the Trinity the basis of his faith and of his life.

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Jesus s cross is the Trinity Cross, praised cross, a remedy cross, a remedy for any dirty wound The Remedy-Cross, An inner truth, insight assimilated and at the same time associated to Christmas is felt in: body, are you sleeping?