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And this winter, Fairmont Snow Days keeps the fun going all season long. Dogsledding in Québec. Ice hikes in the Alberta Rockies. And skiing and snowboarding all over, from Telluride to Whistler to Mont-Tremblant.

Make Fairmont your home base for family getaways that chase the winter blues away. Gateway to your winter wonderland at destinations throughout North America. Deborah Mogelberg deborah.

Agnes Law agnes. This means diverting the equivalent of 6, kilograms of waste from landfill to recycling. Greenhouse gas emissions calculations are courtesy of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ceci équivaut à détourner des décharges kg de déchets vers le recyclage. All rights reserved. Points of view expressed do not necessarily represent those of Air Canada.

The international price is available upon request.

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The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject all advertising matter. The publisher assumes no liability for return or safety of unsolicited art, photographs or manuscripts. Tous droits réservés. Le prix pour envoi ailleurs dans le monde est donné sur demande. Biggest challenge while writing this story Getting over my fear of speed.

Last holiday Métis-sur-Mer, Quebec, where I took long chilly walks on the beach.

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To relax when I travel, I watch bad Hallmark movies in my hotel room. Plus grand défi du reportage Surmonter ma peur de la vitesse.

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From the pickup-hockey cover photo to the snow blower in Vieux-Montréal, you had me smiling and feeling like I was already back home. Thanks for providing some warmth. My soundtrack, when I travel Mostly West Coast s hip hop. First travel memory Living in Gambia with my parents and brother. Next destination L.

Plus grand défi du reportage Coordonner les horaires des athlètes. Prochaine destination L. Everyone should try to experience the whale shark adventure at least once in their lives. Thanks for reminding Americans that tasty destinations abound north of the border.

Way to go Patrick!

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Air Canada enRoute regrets these errors. Bravo Patrick! Air Canada enRoute regrette ces erreurs. Last holiday Israel and Jordan with my nephew. I was happy to learn that curiosity runs in the family. To relax when I travel, I bring body oil to feel pampered after a long day. Je suis une accro de la radio. Dernières vacances Israël et la Jordanie avec mon neveu.

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Les lettres, publiées dans leur langue originale, peuvent être écourtées ou modifiées. Veuillez préciser votre nom complet et votre lieu de résidence. The performances we witness are obviously the result of hard work and sweat, but they also owe a lot to logistics, ultramodern equipment and expertise that often goes beyond the world of sport.

How exactly does one prepare for a trip to the Olympic and Paralympic Games? First, the athletes. The Canadians featured in this issue not only took time off from their training to pose for our series of five covers I invite you to spot perte de poids absolue riverdale ga magazines on your next flight and keep them as souvenirsthey also agreed to give us a peek inside their luggage to reveal their travel essentials see page Travellers like us can certainly learn a thing or two from such competitors who fly around the world and need to be in top shape when they land.

So we sat down with the expert advisers of the Canadian Olympic Team to get a few tips that you can apply to your next trip. The logistics involved in transporting it all to South Korea are phenomenal, as is the technology behind these accessories. We chose to photograph them like works of art, which made perfect sense: At the Olympic level, athletes are artists who master their sport like true virtuosos. Let the Games begin. Ce mois-ci, nous nous penchons sur ce que les athlètes doivent mettre de leur côté avant que ne retentisse le signal de départ.

Comment se rend-on aux Jeux olympiques et paralympiques? Que le spectacle commence.

Teen Titans Go Raven Dc Comics Licence Adulte T Shirt

At Air Canada, employees have put their own spin on this superhero credo: With great abilities come great possibilities — possibilities to help people. Network-wide, Air Canada flies aircraft to destinations globally through the teamwork of 30, employees.

We put our talents to work every day safely transporting customers, but sometimes occasions arise when we can do so much more. Last fall perte de poids absolue riverdale ga flew 50 extra flights to move thousands from the path of Caribbean hurricanes.

Teen Titans Go Raven Dc Comics Licence Adulte T Shirt

The effort involved hundreds of employees, many of whom volunteered their weekends to pack emergency relief kits. Sadly, there were other situations in requiring us to step up too, such as delivering search-and-rescue dogs after an earthquake in Mexico and expediting sandbags across Canada for Quebec flood victims.

Our desire to help is the reason behind the Air Canada Foundation, which facilitates charitable giving, volunteering and community participation. This includes supporting Dreams Take Flight, which over 25 years has flown thousands of disadvantaged children to Disney.

We sponsor events such as the Toronto Invictus Games, in which so many employees wanted to lend their hand that we held a contest to choose our ambassadors. We have also started a Christmas Surprise tradition to perte de poids absolue riverdale ga the gift of travel so that people can join loved ones or help others. Most impressively, small groups or individuals act on their own initiative. But it is not all life or death. Sometimes, we help in ways that simply bring a smile.


Helping wherever we can does not make us superheroes — it is the Canadian way. Nous commanditons entre autres les Jeux Invictus à Toronto, si populaires que nous avons dû organiser un concours pour choisir nos employés ambassadeurs. Mieux encore, des employés, seuls ou en petit groupe, agissent de leur propre chef.

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